Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 11:42 AM

New Website for Womble Carlyle's Charlottesville Office

Womble Carlyle's Charlottesville Office has a new website.  We're still trying to find the perfect photograph to represent Charlottesville's spirit.  Something that captures both Charlottesville's rich history and bright future; its pastoral landscapes and burgeoning economic development; its small town feel and world-class research and development.  The current picture is the view outside our offices on the Downtown Mall.

Womble Carlyle and Charlottesville are a good fit for many reasons.  One of which is our focus on the Impact Economy -- the concept of doing good while doing well.  This new market force is underpinned by public institutions and private companies, entrepreneurs and investors, who combine the desire to achieve financial success with social responsibility.  Womble Carlyle is the first law firm in the country to launch an integrated, full-service Impact Economy practice that covers virtually all Impact sectors, including housing, environment, education, economic development, healthcare and energy.

The concept of an Impact Economy is readily apparent in Charlottesville's innovation community.  The National Venture Capital Association recently ranked Charlottesville as the fastest-growing venture capital market in the United States.  Academic research at the University of Virginia is the driving force behind much of this growth.  Sean Carr, Executive Director of the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UVa explained that "this latest news about growth in funding opportunities in our area provides some early evidence that Charlottesville has the potential to be one of the nation's best environments for starting and developing high-impact and high-growth ventures."

By their very nature, many of these start-ups begin as a good idea to addresses a need or social problem.  That idea, often created within an academic environment, is then developed and spun off into a money making venture.  The academic or social goal that served as a genesis for the new company need not be abandoned.  To the contrary, profit and social responsibility can work together.  This is a perfect example of the Impact Economy at work.

Womble Carlyle's Impact Team strives to provide strategic and advisory services to our clients in addition to legal services.  We believe that impact-focused businesses can be most effective when they engage trusted advisors to help them creatively respond to the unique challenges presented by the business of addressing and solving social problems.  You can read more about Impact issues here and learn more about Womble Carlyle's Charlottesville office here.

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