Friday, November 1, 2013, 10:35 PM

Notable Virginia Supreme Court Rulings

The Supreme Court of Virginia issued several notable opinions this week.

The Supreme Court reversed a Portsmouth judge's ruling striking down new tolls on the Midtown Tunnel between Norfolk and Portsmouth.  Look at a map of the area and you'll see why tunnels are so important and controversial in Hampton Roads (the geographic area).  The Elizabeth River may look small compared to Hampton Roads (the water), but its hard to get around.

The Supreme Court upheld Charlottesville's Judge Hogshire's ruling banning cameras at the sentencing hearing of George Huguely, the UVa lacrosse player convicted of murder.

The Supreme Court overturned the jury verdict in the wrongful death lawsuit against the Commonwealth regarding the April 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech.  The Court held that there was no duty for state officials to warn students about the potential for criminal acts by third parties.

The Supreme Court declined to hear a ruling from Fairfax County Circuit Court dismissing a claim against real estate developers regarding telecommunications agreements entered into by the homeowners association.  Perhaps not as newsworthy as the other cases, but this ruling was important to me since I represented the appellees.

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